Walking Through Games Podcast – Episode 173

Walking Through Games — where Clint walks Mark through games!

In this episode of the podcast, Clint walks Mark through the week in games and then we chat a bit about game delays, Speed runs and SNES Classic Mini rumours.

Listen below:


  • 01:07 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)
  • 05:06 – Splatoon (Wii U)
  • 09:36 – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4)(Nintendo Switch) 5 STARS
  • 20:34 – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap delayed on Xbox One in Australia due to ratings issues.
  • 22:21 – Outlast 2 physical edition has been delayed on Xbox One in Australia.
  • 23:36 – First Zelda Breath of the Wild 100% speed run done in 49 hours.
  • 24:58 – Speed runner has beaten Diablo 2 without attacking any enemies.
  • 25:51 – SNES classic mini rumoured to be releasing in late 2017.
  • 30:09 – Call of Duty officially confirmed as World War 2.
  • 30:55 – Friday the 13th: The Game release date 26th May, 2017.
  • 33:03 – Dishonored (Xbox One)
  • 33:04 – Has Been Heroes (Nintendo Switch)

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